Spear Lighting Ltd

Genesis LED

Genesis LED

A unique slim, back lit LED panel with a high photometric performance and uniform illuminance to fit a lay-in modular or plasterboard ceiling.


– High lumen efficiency
– Average rated LED life: 60,000hrs (L80/B10)
– Optimum colour consistency – 3 step MacAdam chromaticity tolerance
– Suitable for recessed mounting in modular ceiling
– Photobiological hazard: RG0


– 2 step MacAdam, CRI:90
– Plasterboard ceiling mounting
– Higher outputs available
– Microprismatic diffuser
– Internal fuse and LS0H cable



Light source: LED
LED output: 2600 – 4400lm
Luminaire output: 1911 – 3545lm
Luminaire efficiency: 100lm/W
CRI: 80
Body: Sheet steel
Finish: Powder painted white
Diffuser: Opal PMMA
Mounting: Recessed Modular